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A young girl in a pink dress pulls her younger sister in a matching pink dress in a radio flyer wagon through a park raleigh playgrounds

Raleigh Playgrounds for Active Days of Outdoor Fun

Kids have a lot of energy. If you’re a parent, or even if you simply know a child, you likely understand this. So finding ways to let your child burn off energy and stay active is important. These fantastic Raleigh playgrounds are the perfect places to bring your kids on a beautiful North Carolina day. Check it out! 

4 Raleigh Playgrounds to Let Your Kids Engage in Engaging Outdoor Play & Fun

Laurel Hills Park 

The playground in Laurel Hills Park, known as Sassafras Playground, is a totally inclusive play structure that allows kids of all abilities to play together! It has accessible ramps and decks that let kids wander and explore, and hidden throughout are engaging, sensory-rich activities like interactive panels for little ones to discover. 

It’s an excellent playground for kids ages 2 to 12, and certain features like the ZipKrooz and Evos O-Zone Climber are great for slightly older children. Additionally, the playground features rubberized safety surfaces and sand, and bathrooms are conveniently located nearby. The Laurel Hills Park Community Center is undergoing significant renovations, so keep an eye out for their reopening date in 2024!

A toddler girl in a pink dress and boots sits on a wooden step stool in a park raleigh playgrounds

Millbrook Exchange Park

Millbrook Exchange Park has a lovely, brightly colored playground with plenty of equipment to entertain your kids. They have “musical instruments,” baby swings for the littlest explorers, and a rubberized surface to keep kids safe. 

The Millbrook Exchange community center is nearby for bathroom breaks. Additionally, there is a sweet little picnic area perfect for a quick snack. Plus, once your kids break a sweat on a hot Raleigh day, you can pay a very small additional fee for entry into the splash pad and pool for a cool-down!

Mary Belle Pate Park

Mary Belle Pate Park, formerly Sierra Drive Park, has two great playground structures: one for littler kids and one for older kids! There is a large net for the bigger kids to practice climbing skills and some pretty fast slides. The one for littler visitors has plenty of places to toddle and climb that are appropriately built for their little legs and exploration abilities. 

Both play structures have thoughtful shades that look almost like kites soaring above the equipment. Keeping it nice and cool on sunny days. There are nearby basketball courts and paved paths for a little extra activity!

A young girl in a pink dress sits on the edge of a red vintage radio flyer wagon raleigh playgrounds

Eliza Pool Park

The Eliza Pool Park playground is a larger, unfenced play area with a few big structures, including slides, plenty of climbing elements, and some excellent swings. 

Its fun and dynamic equipment encourages kids to actively use their bodies and minds to explore and engage. Plus, there’s a lovely picnic pagoda with plenty of shade to protect you from the midday sun. So you can enjoy your family lunch or snack.

Raleigh Playgrounds

I hope you and your family will take the time to explore these fantastic Raleigh playgrounds! It’s a great way to take advantage of our city’s resources. While also staying active and enjoying some good ol’ fashioned play!

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