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family dancing in front of the Biltmore Estates
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Hey Adventurous Families! Are you ready for a day filled with fun, exploration, and unforgettable memories? Let’s embark on an exciting journey to discover the hidden treasures and local gems right in our own backyard. At Kelly Ann 3 Photography, we’re all about capturing those special moments that bring families closer together. Durham is bursting […]

Family-Friendly Day Trips: Exploring Local Gems and Hidden Treasures

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Hey There! At Kelly Ann 3 Photography, we’re all about capturing those precious moments that bring families closer together. There’s something truly magical about sitting down as a family and sharing stories. Whether it’s recounting tales from generations past or creating new adventures together, storytelling has the power to STRENGTHEN the bonds that tie us […]

Strengthening Family Bonds Through Storytelling: Sharing Tales of Heritage and Adventure

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Calling all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts! If you’re anything like my family, then you know that there’s no better way to spend a sunny day than by exploring the great outdoors. And lucky for us, Raleigh, NC, is bursting at the seams with beautiful parks and natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. First […]

Exploring Local Parks: Family Outdoor Adventures

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Family bonding is essential for strengthening relationships and creating lasting memories. Engaging in DIY craft projects together is a fantastic way to foster creativity, teamwork, and connection among family members. Whether you’re looking for rainy day activities or simply want to spend quality time together, these DIY craft ideas are perfect for family bonding time. […]

DIY Craft Ideas for Family Bonding Time

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beautiful framed photo wall gallery featuring a family in a stunning mountain location.
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In the age of digital media dominance, where countless images are captured and shared daily, it is easy to overlook the significance of printed photos. Yet, recent studies have revealed a fascinating correlation between children’s self-esteem and their exposure to printed photographs of themselves. These findings highlight the importance of tangibly preserving memories and displaying […]

Printed Photos and Self Esteem

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