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Pattywhacks Children’s Boutique | Upscale & Fashionable Clothing

Trying to find a space where you can get upscale children’s clothes can be needlessly complicated. For whatever reason, many stores have decided your child can’t look nice and have fun all at the same time. But kids’ clothing is meant to be exciting and a little bit whimsical! This is why I adore Pattywhacks. While this children’s boutique excels at refined styles, you won’t have to compromise with boring pieces your kids will refuse to wear. 

About Pattywhacks

Pattywhacks was opened in 1998 by Suzanne Stewart. Suzanne wanted a space where you could find a wide range of clothing for your child. She worked to fill the shop with timeless and unique products she knew parents would love. Today, the boutique is located in Saltbox Village, where you’ll find it surrounded by some of the best salons and stores in all of Cary, making it the perfect place to stop by and browse around for a bit. 

A young girl with blonde hair and a blue dress stands in a paved park path pattywhacks


Pattywhacks is a fantastic mixture of modern trends and timeless classics. You can find bubbles with construction trucks and retro dresses with collars and bows. These products are heirloom items you’ll want to hang on to for years to come! And while these traditional pieces are incredible, this shop is on top of the newest styles. They sell mod-inspired plaid skirts, graphic t-shirts with animals, and pastel-colored shift dresses. The boutique has brands like Kissy Kissy, Magnolia Baby, Petit Ami, Angel Dear, and Little English. You’ll be able to buy items for newborns all the way up to size 10. 

Pattywhacks is the premier spot for something a little more preppy. Their polos are excellent for nicer events, while their Carolina onesies are designed to get your little one ready for college basketball. You can also pair your child’s outfits with the store’s adorable varsity jackets. 

A young girl sits in a blue dress in a park


Pattywhacks has a great gifts section for your little one. From snuggly blankets to fluffy stuffed animals, this store is ready to comfort your child for bedtime. You can also get dress-up costumes, statement jewelry, and the best kids’ sunglasses selection around! 

The shop is all about finding new ways to give you specialty goods. Twice a year, they bring in a silhouette artist so you can have a precious work of art of your child’s face. They also have a great selection of holiday-themed clothes for every season! 


Pattywhacks is a fabulous boutique for families looking for something they can’t find anywhere else. With a wide range of upscale brands, they have all you need to keep your child looking fresh. 

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